Here in North Texas, we’ve had more than our fair share of snakes this season. Rattlesnake encounters seem to be at a record high, with lots of residents in the Wichita Falls city limits reporting the slithering, venomous creatures around town.

In Florida, fish and game officials have been battling pythons for years. The snakes have flourished in the Everglades after being introduced to the region by irresponsible snake owners in the 1980's. Still more pythons escaped from zoo's and wildlife refuge's severely damaged during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. So far, there are no horror stories of humans being eaten by massive pythons...not yet.

Yahoo News reports that a python in Indonesia has consumed an adult woman.  54-year-old Wa Tiba of Jakarta was reportedly working in her vegetable garden when she somehow became entangled with a reticulated python. The snakes have curvy teeth that they use to capture their prey. The snakes then squeeze their victims to death and consume them.

Attacks on humans are a rare occurrence, but this is the second fatal attack on a human in the region in a year. In March of last year, a 25-year-old man was swallowed whole by a python in West Sulawesi province.

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