This has all the trappings of a Lifetime network movie: a man, a woman, and an air conditioner-a deadly love triangle. Film at 11.

OK, so no one actually died and there is no film, but I'll bet Jerry Springer would love to have this bunch on his show. I mean you cannot make this stuff up.

In Columbia County, Florida, last October, a 35-year-old woman reportedly shot her estranged husband over a window air conditioning unit. According to Fox 30 in Jacksonville, Kimberly Dunn's then soon to be ex-husband and his brother arrived at her home to retrieve the unit.

Mrs. Dunn was not having any of this, so she sat on the unit to try and prevent them from taking it away. That's when things got a little western. First, Mrs. Dunn produced a stun gun and tried to shoot her husband with it, but apparently failed. She then produces a pink handgun but was knocked to the ground dropping both the stun gun and handgun.

Mrs. Dunn rallied, however, and picked up the handgun. She reportedly only wanted to scare her estranged husband into leaving her with her comfortable air conditioner, but 'accidentally' shot him in his testicles.

The man's brother reportedly screamed at the woman and choked her until she blacked out. The two men then rushed to the hospital, pink pistol, and God only knows what else, in hand.

Mrs. Dunn was arrested without incident and released on bail. She was again arrested on June 14, 2018, for contempt of court, after failing to show up for a hearing on the October testicle shooting.

The names of the husband and brother in law were not mentioned in the article by Fox 30. The exact condition of the air conditioner is also not known, though we presume it's still cool as a cucumber.

The article doesn't say so, but I'll bet dollars to donuts a trailer was involved, too.

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