Just gonna go ahead and call this now. This lady should be committed to a psych ward immediately.

I have no problem with someone doing a water birth. Those are usually done in a special pool or a tub in your own home. This woman just wants to go off the coast of Hawaii and have her child. Granted, it would be a beautiful place to have a kid, but still it's not right.

Dorina Rosin says that she wants a dolphin to be her midwife. Yeah, that doesn't sound crazy at all. Experts say her plan could pose a risk to marine life while putting the lives of Rosin and her baby at risk. There's also the possibility of a great white shark showing up.

I don't know what this lady is thinking. Do you think Aquaman is going to come shooting out of you, if you do this in the ocean? Just go do a normal water birth in a pool or tub. Without the risk of Jaws showing up.