We’ve been hearing rumors for some time now about the possibility of red light cameras coming to Wichita Falls. Now, that possibility appears to be greatly diminished. In fact, most of the dreaded 'revenue generators' may be out of business state wide.

The Associated Press reports that a bill has just cleared the Texas Senate and is now in the House that will restrict ‘red light’ cameras to toll roads only. Republican Senator Bob Hall told the AP that “studies show the devices don't improve overall traffic safety as advertised. Also, since ticketed drivers can't confront their accusers…this violates the ticketed individual’s right to due process.”

According to PhotoEnforced.com, red light cameras are heavily employed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Houston, Austin and El Paso, with only sporadic use in some other Texas communities. They are used extensively in cities all across the US and generate billions in revenue nationwide. While fines in Texas are typically around $75, a 2013 USA Today article puts fines in California at nearly $500 per violation.