Sad news to report about an early morning crash yesterday.

The Barstop ISD just east of Austin had quite the situation yesterday morning. An 18-wheeler crashed into one of their school buses. The school bus driver said they were turning left onto Highway 71 after getting a green light. The truck driver claimed their light was yellow when the accident took place. The accident was caught on a surveillance camera from a nearby gas station.

The light clearly turns green for the bus driver and the light was red on the truck driver's lane. Twenty students in total were on the bus at the time. Students were on their way to Cedar Creek High School, Cedar Creek Middle School and Cedar Creek Intermediate School. Ten students were injured in the accident and were taken to the hospital.

The semi-truck driver said he tried to stop and was unable to. DPS says he reportedly took evasive action and hit the shoulder, but wasn't able to stop the truck from hitting the rear of the school bus. 

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