A second suspect in the murder of an Abilene man has been arrested.

19-year-old Precious Nicole Tillery was arrested on Friday, June 1 and charged with Capital Murder.

On April 17 at about 1:00 a.m., 28-year-old Matthew Liggins from Abilene was found shot to death in the driver's seat of a Jeep in the 1000 block of Juarez Street.

Police arrested one suspect, 22-year-old Eric Glenn Lee II, the same day the murder occurred after a witness picked him out of a lineup. The witness told police she was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle when Liggins was shot, TRN reports.

Eric Glenn Lee II (Wichita County)
Eric Glenn Lee II (Wichita County)

According to arrest reports, the witness said that she and Liggins were visiting a friend in Wichita Falls when they found out that friend had been robbed by Lee earlier that day. The shooting took place after the witness and Liggins confronted Lee at an apartment complex.

Police say the witness told them Lee pulled out a gun and tried to rob Liggins, but when Liggins said he didn't have anything, Lee started shooting.

Tillery, the second suspect in the murder was identified through a Crime Stoppers tip and a call from the jail between Lee and his mother, who mentioned that she knew "Precious" was with him during the murder. The witness who was with Liggins at the time of the murder later picked Tillery out of a photo lineup and also identified her as the second person involved in the shooting.

Lee and Tillery are currently being held in the Wichita County jail on capital murder charges. Their bonds have been set at $2 million each.

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