The kid said it felt wrong, but she allegedly told him he would get in trouble if he said anything.

Brittany Rouleau has been charged with aggravated sexual assault for an incident that took place in 2018. The victim recently spoke to a counselor at Patsy’s House Child Advocacy Center. The boy said when he was in 6th grade he had just came out of the bathroom.

Brittany took off her clothes and told him to take off his clothes. The boy said they had sex, but said it felt wrong afterwards. Brittany then allegedly told the boy not to tell anyone because he would get into trouble because he took part. Wichita Falls police interviewed Brittany about this and at first she denied that this took place. During more questioning, she would admit to her crimes.

The officer said Rouleau also told a neighbor she had had sex with the boy two years ago. No word on how Brittany and the young boy knew he each other before this incident. Since the child was under 14 years of age, the charges get upgraded to aggravated. Aggravated Sexual Assault is a first degree felony in Texas.

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