A top police chief in the Texas Department of Public Safety is being accused of some awful crimes at a recent party a few weeks ago.

John Jones is a top division police chief over in Travis County. He has since been fired from his position since some allegations came out at a party he threw back on July 20th. The arrest warrant said Jones and a woman took a ride on an ATV when he forced it off the road and raped her several times. Jones posted a $750,000 bond on Wednesday.

Former state district judge Charlie Baird said he was shocked to read the gruesome details of the alleged crimes. "As a specific condition of this bond, he cannot have any contact with the victim, number one, and which I think is extraordinary in this particular case is that the judge has listed specific potential witnesses with whom the defendant cannot have any contact. So apparently, the judge was concerned with some kind of retaliation or intimidation of those witnesses," Baird said.

The rape details are brutal in the case and the woman got a friend to take her to the hospital that night for sexual assault forensic exam. The report found trauma to the victim's vagina and anus, police said. The report also noted the victim had bruises on her arms, buttocks and inner thigh. Jones was the chief of the DPS Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division.

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