There’s no question where the bias in the mainstream media leans. I can count on one hand the number of reporters/journalists that I’ve met who were completely ambiguous about their personal political leanings. Most are liberal and they wear it proudly, like a badge almost. They’re not the least bit shy about who they support, what they support and, perhaps most importantly, how ignorant they think anyone is who holds an opposing view.

One of CBS News’ most visible foreign correspondents is Lara Logan. She’s spent years with ’60 Minutes’ and, sadly, endured a horrific gang rape by a large gang of thugs in Egypt in 2011 while covering the Egyptian revolution in February of 2011. She recently sat down with podcaster and former Navy Seal on his show ‘Mike Drop’. During the interview, Logan calls out the mainstream media in the U.S. on it’s obvious bias and stated that “This interview is professional suicide for me”.

The complete podcast is below. Warning: NSFW! The language is a bit salty at times, so your boss may not want you cranking the sound up too loudly in the office. And, you might want to keep small children away, too.

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