A name familiar to a lot of folks in Wichita Falls is doing some good things at training camp.

One of my favorite seasons is right around the corner. The Dallas Cowboys have their first official preseason game next Saturday against the Denver Broncos. The Cowboys are currently in Oxnard, California doing training camp. Now I have been busy this week, but I am going through old videos from the Boys and noticed a familiar name.

Former Rider Raider T.J. Vasher sat down to discuss training camp this week and the guys on the show say he is doing some good things at the practices. During training camp, you have a massive depth chart and cuts will be made. The Cowboys currently have 11 wide receivers on the team (12 if you count James Washington who recently got hurt).

If you go by the 2021 season, the Dallas Cowboys kept 8 wide receivers on the roster. We will see who makes the squad over the next few weeks. Due to that James Washington injury, someone can really step up in these preseason games and prove that they're are worthy of that star on their helmet.

T.J. Vasher was an undrafted free agent on May 14, 2021. He was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list on August 31, 2021. Always nice to see someone from Wichita Falls making their way into the NFL, ESPECIALLY when it is my team. Best of luck to T.J. in the upcoming season and I hope to see some catches in the next few weeks.

Dallas Cowboys Photos from Wichita Falls Training Camp

Wichita Falls was once the official training camp home for the Dallas Cowboys for three seasons. Let's take a look back at this time in Dallas Cowboys history.

Photo descriptions provided by Getty Images.

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