Wichita Falls is fortunate to have yet another new business opening in town, we are getting a Spec's Wines Spirits and Finer Foods store and they are opening on August 4th.


The original Spec's opened in 1962 by Carolynn and Carrol B. "Spec" Jackson, he wanted to do something to make enough money so Carolynn didn't have to work any longer. So, with only $7,000 dollars "Spec" opened his first store.

How did Spec's get it's name? Apparently, Carrol B. Jackson acquired that nickname due to being known to all by his glasses, his "spectacles".

Originally, Spec's started out just selling beer and liquor but over the years expanded their inventory to not only include fine foods but the finest wines. After years of expansion and growth, Spec's is now the fifth largest wine dealer in the United States.


Spec's, is a supercenter known for their huge stores and gigantic inventory and our Wichita Falls location will surely not disappoint. So, August 4th check out the the new store, it's located next to Target and Tuesday Morning on Kemp Blvd in the old Office Depot building (4319 Kemp).