Preparations for the State Fair of Texas are now underway and a BIG part of that is the food.

A couple of years ago, I had my first experience ever at the State Fair of Texas. I was completely overwhelmed with everything they had going on. My favorite things were the carnival games (which I am always a sucker for) and the food. My God, the amount of food vendors is ridiculous. So many different things to try and if you want to have your food there. Applications are now open.


Millions of people attend the State Fair every year and if you think your restaurant or food truck has a hot item that can do well get signed up. The State Fair does warn folks that you should be prepared to make at least a $5,000 investment to do everything. The State Fair runs for 24 days and vendors typically stay all 24 to see as many possible spectators as possible.

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With the State Fair being so busy, they do say have as many workers as possible to keep up with the demand. When I went, I remember waiting around 20 minutes for some of the more popular food items. If you do get picked to go, the State Fair of Texas will feature you in their new food section to try and bring more people to you.


After one year, you will be eligible for the Big Tex awards. If you're chosen for that, you can guarantee everyone will want to see your food. Just something to think about if you want some more exposure on your food. Would be pretty cool to see someone from Wichita Falls getting some love.

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