Nobody like porch pirates, who steal packages from people’s front doors.  That’s why I’m glad that this guy was finally caught.  In fact, it was a doorbell camera that was posted to social media, which led to this guy’s arrest.

Texoma’s Homepage is reporting that on November 17th, a local woman reported theft of her Amazon package, which contained Christmas gifts, at 4600 Chuck Drive.  Little did the thief know, that he was actually being recorded by a doorbell camera.  The footage shows a red SUV with stickers, and a broken window on the passenger side window, backing into her driveway and parking.  The driver, who is described as a white male with shaggy hair, then then got out of the vehicle, grabbed the Amazon package, and fled in his red SUV.

After reviewing the doorbell cam footage, the resident uploaded it to social media, and the response was immediate, with people commenting with information on where they had seen the man or red SUV in the video.   Police later located the same SUV, that matched the one in the video, on Florist Street.  It was later discovered that the red SUV actually belonged to the suspect’s mother.

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Police have arrested 24-year-old Kagan Baisden and charged him for theft of mail.  He has since been released on a $2,500 bond.  Baisden is no saint though.  In 2015 he was convicted for vandalizing school busses belonging to Wichita Falls ISD, breaking more than 20 windows, and causing more than $12,000 in damage.

Kagan Baisden - Wichita County Jail
Kagan Baisden - Wichita County Jail

There’s nothing worse than ordering a package or two from Amazon, and then realizing that some thief stole it while you were either at work, or at the store.  Hopefully, this man’s arrest discourages other porch pirates from stealing packages from other people’s homes.

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