I will be flying back home to Baltimore this weekend to watch my Orioles take on the Texas Rangers. If you're going to the games as well, here is where you should visit.

Here is Everything I Plan on Eating on My Trip to Baltimore, Maryland

I am still in shock that the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles are playing each other in the ALDS. The Rangers are the only team in Dallas that I do not root for, but I am bringing some of my Texas friends to Baltimore to show them a true playoff atmosphere this weekend. Along the way, binging some of my favorite food.

Blue Moon Breakfast

Well I was gonna say, have to get the french toast with a crab/bacon omelette. It looks like they have Orioles pancakes. Those are 100% what I am ordering if these are real. This is about a half mile walk from the stadium at Blue Moon Too. They have another location as well in Fells Point, Maryland.

At The Stadium, Yard Dog

Welcome to Maryland folks where crab is put on everything. The Texas Rangers do the Boomstick. We do the Yard Dog, with crab dip on top of it and Old Bay-seasoned potato sticks. Marylanders would snort Old Bay like cocaine if it were socially acceptable, I promise you.

After The Game, My Favorite Crab Cakes

This will start a fight right here. Where are the best crab cakes in Maryland? It's like asking a Texan where their favorite brisket is? So many great options and no one is really wrong. The top of my list is the double crab cake order from By The Docks. A little bit of a drive outside Baltimore city, but so worth it. By the way, this is what a crab cake looks like Texans. These McChicken looking crab cakes you guys serve down here are DISGUSTING!

Nacho Mamas Hubcap and Quesadilla

Day one knocked out, so let's move to my plans before Sunday's game. That game doesn't start til 4. So I will be pregaming at my favorite place in the world. Nacho Mamas where you LITERALLY drink out of a hubcap from a car. They serve Baltimore style Mexican food. I go for the chorizo/shrimp quesadilla myself.

At Game Two, Crab/Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

More crab? Yes, please. This is one of the go to items at Camden Yards. Perfect with an ice cold beer on game day. The one on the right in the photo above is the one I am talking about. No lobster rolls for me.

Picking Crabs at The Choptank

This is the only one I have never had...Yes I have eaten crabs but never here. So why I am going here? Well the Dallas Cowboys have Sunday Night Football...remember I did say I root for every Dallas team, but the Rangers. This place is open til midnight and nothing better than picking some crabs, with some beer, watching the game. It's the only place I could find that is open real late on a Sunday that serves steamed crabs. So I'll give it a go.

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In conclusion, I will see you all on Monday. Over/Under on how much weight I put on will be ten pounds. I would take the over folks. To all the Rangers fans out there...Go O's!

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