Mary Lou Bruner, a GOP front-runner for the Texas Board of Education, was called out by educators during a press conference for her incorrect statements.

Bruner's recent comments could be compiled and published in the humor section of your local book store.  She's said that Obama was a gay prostitute in his 20s to pay for his drug habit, Paul Ryan looked like a terrorist when he grew a beard, pre-K programs make children sexually confused, and dinosaurs were on Noah's ark but died from a lack of food, just to name a few.  Its easy to turn a blind eye to comments made on Facebook, but Bruner had to face the music for her comments during a meeting with school officials last week.

On May 4th, Bruner participated in a meeting with East Texas school superintendents in an attempt to show her fitness for a spot on the Texas Board of Education.  However, Bruner made a few comments that were incredibly inaccurate and couldn't back up her facts.  Bruner said that half of enrolled students were in special education programs, only 1 in 6 graduating students read at a level necessary for college courses, and Lufkin ISD was so short handed that it started the school year with 91 full-time substitute teachers (the correct number is zero).  When those in attendendance told Bruner she was incorrect, her responses included,

Is that wrong?  I would like to talk to you and I would really like to be informed. I really would. Thank you for telling me.

We’ll check on that.

But this is what a citizen in Lufkin ISD told me.

People on-hand criticized Bruner's statements and inability to back them up.  One on hand, the Hawkings ISD Superintendent, became emotional while addressing Bruner,

The former Kindergarten and Special Education teacher is the current front-runner for the Republican nomination for the District 9 seat on the state Board of Education.  And running in East Texas, where Democrats aren't likely to win, there's a good chance Bruner will be involved in determining what students in the state learn.

via Texas Monthly