This would be an amazing callback to one of our favorite 'King of the Hill' episodes.

We learned earlier this week that 'King of the Hill' is officially coming back with Mike Judge. It will be airing on Hulu and they expect it to come out at some point this year, although no release date has been announced yet. We have not had a new 'King of the Hill' episode since 2009 and we will have to see where the show picks up.

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Many of the voice actors are returning, but sadly with Britanny Murphy passing away a few years ago, someone new will have to voice Luanne. We will wait and see how the show turns out, but I did enjoy Mike Judge's new episodes of 'Beavis and Butthead'. I do have one fun idea if the show is set where the characters are all grown up. Have Bobby living in Wichita Falls.

As Bobby once said, 'Wichita Falls is the greatest place I have ever been in my entire life.' It would be a nice callback after Bobby graduated he decided to move here. You could have him come back to Arlen for some reason for this new reboot, but it would be pretty funny if Wichita Falls got another King of the Hill shout out.

^You can leave out the official propane store of the Dallas Cowboys in Wichita Falls. Those two guys do not represent our city. In case you have not seen the episode, Hank and Bobby come to Wichita Falls for the Dallas Cowboys training camp. Apparently, Bobby finds a video the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce made to attract the Cowboys to Wichita Falls.

So Hank decides to make a video of his own to attract the Cowboys to Arlen. Apparently Wichita Falls people think Arlen is made up of pig farmers. Hank wants to show how great Arlen is and get Bobby to stop loving Wichita Falls so much. By the way, the tape Hank makes has one of the biggest errors in King of the Hill history.

^Fast forward to the 43 second mark in this video. Is that Hank Hill grilling WITHOUT PROPANE?! Hank would never grill without propane. One of my favorite quotes is when Hank finds charcoal in his house.

Hank Hill: You brought charcoal into our house!


Peggy Hill : I didn't know what it was Luanne asked me to hold it for her, I thought it was drugs!


Hank Hill : There's soot under my boy's nails, you don't get that from a clean burning fuel!

As you can see, I'm a fan of the show, and hopefully we just get a quick Wichita Falls shout out in this new season. If Bobby is selling fruit pies in Wichita Falls, I would freak out!  I did try to get the WFISD to name one of the new high school's Tom Landry High, but sadly they did not use my idea. I will never forgive them for this by the way. We would have gotten so much media attention in Wichita Falls if we did this.


Bobby did also say when Hank sent his tape into the Cowboys, "It's okay, Dad. We were crazy to try and compete with Wichita Falls."

Even though Bobby does say at the end of the episode, his dream of being a prop comic in Wichita Falls is not a possibility. He would have to live in Vegas or New York, he WOULD have a house here for tax purposes. Come on Mike Judge, give us Bobby in Wichita Falls!

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