10-year-old Dylan Viale has a very close relationship with his grandmother Sherry, who is blind. The two walk dogs and go to the movies together, and recently went to a Lego event where they helped build a giant Lego Yoda.

But because of her vision impairment, Dylan wasn’t able to share with his grandmother his love of video games. So the fifth-grader at Hidden Valley Elementary in Martinez, CA, did something about that — he developed a video game which blind and sighted people can play together.

Dylan had no previous experience designing games so he downloaded GameMaker, which lets users create games without previous programming experience .

In his game, called Quacky Quest, you navigate a duck through a maze in an attempt to find a golden egg. The game, which took him about 30 hours to create, uses audio cues to tell the player if they are making progress, and is to be played blindfolded.

The game was an instant hit with Sherry, who actually found a flaw in it the first time she played, which Dylan fixed. Now Grandma can fly right through the maze and the pair have another activity they can do together. Learn more about this Grandson of The Year candidate in the video below. (His part starts at about the minute mark.)

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