Front-runner for the Texas Board of Education GOP nomination Mary Lou Bruner has expressed another strange idea, this time that Pre-K programs are making children sexually confused.

Bruner, who is considered the favorite leading into the May 24 GOP run-off election, has made headlines before expressing questionable ideas like President Obama was a gay prostitute in his 20s, the United Nations wants to reduce the world's population by 66%, and dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark but died because they didn't have food.  Let's say this again... someone who is a favorite for the nomination to the TEXAS BOARD OF EDUCATION (the same people who determine what children are taught in schools) believes that Obama was a gay prostitute in his 20s in order to fund his drug habit.

Recently, another Facebook post of Bruner's caught attention, this time accusing Pre-K programs of indoctrinating children and making them confused about their sexuality, while encouraging them to call their parents bigots if they don't agree with Islam or gay marriage.

via Twitter/Evan Smith

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