Be on the lookout, citizens. The crooks and thieves are still out there working hard to steal from you. Another card skimmer has been found in Wichita Falls. Bo Miller Dextraze posted a picture of the device on her Facebook page on Friday. Both the front and back view of the device is pictured above.

The device was found by an ATM maintenance worker Friday morning while servicing an ATM at the 7-11 on City View Drive at U.S. 287. Dextraze says her husband was at the store at the time it was discovered and sent her the picture so she’d know what to look out for. We contacted the Wichita Falls Police Department, but they were unaware of the discovery.

“I just figured people should be aware of this…”, Dextraze told us. Law enforcement says it's a good idea to always double check any ATM or gas station pumps for these devices before you insert your credit or debit card. Perhaps cash is the way to go?

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