There's nothing good about them, they are nothing but bad and, quite frankly, just plain ugly. Cattle egrets will soon start to move back into Texoma again and the filthy feathered foul will be making diseased deposits just about everywhere.

According to a City of Wichita Falls press release:

These rather attractive birds stand about a foot-and-a-half tall with white feathers and orange beaks. However attractive they may be, they pose a very real hazard to aviation and a potential health hazard to citizens. The birds carry mites and other organisms and there is a health risk associated with the bird droppings, which is plentiful and for lack of a better term, stinks terribly.

Attractive?  Well, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm partial to parakeets myself. So darn cute. Unfortunately, you can't just shoot the stinky little intruders, because they are 'Federally protected'. That's right, Uncle Sugar has seen fit to protect these nasty birds once they take up real estate, despite the fact that they reproduce like rabbits, stink six ways to Sunday and are almost as annoying as a Kardashian. The City press release continues...

The Egrets will begin to gather in trees after 6:30pm and leave early in the morning to feed. Keep in mind, once the birds begin to nest they are federally protected and cannot be moved and if they lay even a single egg, they will be there through the summer until fall migration.

Making noise and scaring them off before they can lay that first egg is key. The City suggest things like banging together metal trash can lids. Who has a metal trash can these days? Now, we're all saddled with those big, plastic roll outs that come from...wait for it...the City!  But they also suggest pieces of two-by-four. Or you could just put on a Miley Cyrus CD. That should scare off the birds and pretty much everything else in the neighborhood.

If you have questions or serious concerns about the flying filth, call 940-761-7401