I realize the majority of you probably hit the floor every morning and immediately down a cup of coffee.  I'm convinced my mother has single handedly kept Folgers in business all these years.  She can drink a pot of coffee faster than you can say Juan Valdez.

I, for one, have just never been a big fan of the stuff.  I'll drink it now and again during the winter months.  But I really have to doctor it up to make it appealing.  Call this 'Confessions of a Dr. Pepper addict'.  Dr. Pepper is, after all, the national drink of Texas.  About ten years ago, a man very closely connected to Coca Cola (who shall remain nameless) told me that DP out sold Coke in our area by 7 to 1.  Was that true then?  I'm taking his word for it.  Is it true today?  Well, as my mother has supported the coffee industry, I have greatly enriched the Dr. Pepper folks.  Lord, please let my kidneys hold up.

So what about you?  What drink kick-starts your day?

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