Boozers rejoice…we will soon be able to imbibe at the “Old Country Store.”

According to CNN, Cracker Barrel will be adding alcohol to its menu for the first time in its 51 years of existence. The restaurant will begin serving beer, wine and mimosas in 600 of their locations by the end of the fiscal year.

The decision was made after testing alcohol sales in 100 of their restaurants, which were located in Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee. The overall response to the test was overwhelmingly positive, making the decision to add alcohol to most locations’ menus an easy one.

For me, personally, a restaurant not serving alcohol can be a deal-breaker, especially while choosing where to eat for dinner. My wife and I always have a beer with our dinner, so we’re quick to use our veto power if the kids want to go somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol.

Turns out, people like my wife and I factored into Cracker Barrel’s decision, according to a company spokesman:

Our guests have told us that offering beer and wine would reduce the veto vote — that is, those guests who would choose Cracker Barrel for a given dining occasion, but ultimately go elsewhere because they would like to have a beer or a glass of wine with their meal — especially during weekend dinner.

In addition to dine-in booze, the company will also be giving customers the option to order mimosa kits, beer and wine to-go at select locations.

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