CSCOPE, the education curriculum used by hundreds of districts across Texas, has come under fire for a litany of reasons over the past year.  Controversial lessons on Islam and communism  have prompted some major changes over the past several months, most especially the charge led by Sen Dan Patrick.

The Wichita Falls School Board will meet May 14 for a work session where they will hear recommendations from WFISD Superintendent Dr. John Frossard on CSCOPE and the development of the WFISD's own curriculum.  The school board will vote on these recommendations and regular business during the Monday, May 20 meeting at 6 pm at the administration building located at 1104 Broad Street.

One of the more vocal opponents of CSCOPE, Dr. Stan Hartzler, dropped by the 'Rise and Shine Show' this morning to talk about his particular concerns with CSCOPE.

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