Hirschi High School and WFISD officials were scrutinized this week for what some parents regarded as improper handling of an alleged threat on the Hirschi campus.

According to info on social media, someone threatened to commit a “mass shooting” at the school. School officials say the matter was investigated by the Wichita Falls Police Department and was not found to be a credible threat.

WFISD Superintendent Michael Kuhrt told KAUZ:

“At any point in time we might be dealing with a situation, but parents might not be notified right then because we are dealing with the situation and it’s been taken care of. Their students are going about their normal day, and their schedule hasn’t been changed. When we have dealt with the situation then we can notify the parents…”


News Talk 1290 reached out to the WFISD for further comment. WFISD Communications Officer Ashley Thomas issued the following statement:

The safety of our students and staff in WFISD is our first priority, and we agree that communication is key in regard to student safety. With that being said, in a district of 14,000 plus students, there are multiple discipline issues that occur every day, and we take every threat seriously. Any time there is a situation that could potentially be a threat to the safety of other students, the matter is turned over to local police to investigate. Local police and administrators work together in accordance with the district's safety and security operations plan.  In regard to the incident at Hirschi (on Monday), police investigated the threat and found that it was not credible and student safety was never in jeopardy. It is standard district procedures not to call parents during the school day unless there is a legitimate threat to student safety. It is our responsibility to make sure students are learning in a safe environment. If there is not a safety concern, our goal is for the school day to go on as normal as possible. Once administrators and police have all of the facts and the situation is under control, a message is sent out to parents to make sure they know what took place at school and to dispel any misinformation. However, if there is an incident that occurs in or near a campus that could be a potential threat to student safety, the school goes into lock-down and parents are called immediately.  WFISD does have a comprehensive safety and security plan that is followed in these situations. We know that information is spread quickly through social media, but please know that the district does put student safety first and would never do anything to compromise their security.

Back in January, Wichita County Deputies arrested 17-year-old Shaundre D'yon Ransom at the school after he threatened to bring a gun to school to kill students and a teacher at Hirschi. He was charged with making a terroristic threat, a third-degree felony.


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