This maybe one of the dumbest things I have ever written, but I think it's a great idea.

So earlier today, the San Antonio Spurs announced they would be playing two regular season games in Austin on April 6th and April 8th. Which is huge news for the city. Many have said Austin is next for a professional sports team. They have a soccer team, but who really counts that? I don't see the NBA putting a team in Austin, but the NBA is encouraging teams to expand their reach.

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The NBA changed territorial rights back in the day to within 150 miles of your current stadium. This policy changed back in 2016 and it looks like the Spurs are taking full advantage of it. Mainly this new policy was used for marketing for your team, but the Spurs appear to be the first trying out this playing home games in a different stadium during the regular season.

The Spurs did not have the best attendance last year ranking 27 out of 30 teams in the association. They were also one of the worst teams in the NBA finishing with a losing record and 10th in the Western Conference. The Spurs playing regular season games in Austin next year is getting them a lot of attention for a team that really hasn't done anything in the off season to generate buzz.

Here is my weird plea, how cool would it be if the Mavericks played all their preseason games in stadiums in this 150 mile radius of Dallas? Last year the Mavericks had two preseason home games. How cool would it be if they played a game in Wichita Falls and then maybe a game in Waco or Tyler? I'm strictly talking about preseason games.

Apple Maps (150 Miles Outside of Dallas)
Apple Maps (150 Miles Outside of Dallas)

No one in Dallas enjoys going to those. Let the teams get some fans in some areas that don't normally get to see them. Come on Mark Cuban, we would love to host the Mavericks for a game next year.

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