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In an election that probably didn't garner as much statewide attention as expected, the runoff for the Special Election for Senate District 30 was held on Saturday, December 19th, 2020.

State Rep. Drew Springer prevailed over Shelley Luther in a 56.45 percent to 43.55 percent win.

Springer has been the long-time representative for House District 68, and there will end up being a separate special election to fill the HD 68 seat early in 2021.

After Saturday night's win, Springer said: "As your next senator, I will continue advancing the conservative priorities of our district like reducing property taxes, securing the border, and standing up for our law enforcement and first responders who keep our communities safe. I look forward to fighting for our students and teachers to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed whether the path is college or vocational / technical training. I will fight to ensure Texas remains the premier place in the nation to do business, so we can unleash the private sector to create jobs and move us out of this recession."

Governor Greg Abbott, who endorsed Springer, also tweeted his congratulations, saying in part, "We look forward to working with (Springer) to secure our border, support police, protect unborn [children], cut taxes, safeguard 2nd Amendment rights, fund schools & open up businesses in Texas."

However, Texas GOP Chairman Allen West felt that he didn't need to offer congratulations to Springer on his win.

On Twitter, the @TexasGOP account snarkily tweeted, "Chairman @AllenWest doesn't need to offer his congratulations (to Springer) since Texas Democrats beat him to it..."

Springer is expected to officially transition over to his Senate seat at some point over the next few weeks.

The 87th Legislature starts on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

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