On Tuesday, the Wichita Falls City Council approved measures for Stage 5 drought restrictions. Once the combined lake levels hit 20 percent (we're at about 24 percent today) surcharges go up, car washes will close two days per week and you can forget about filling up the nice, big, new swimming pool or even topping it off for that matter. Hot tubs and jacuzzi's get a pass. Yes, the drought is bad and the restrictions and cost of water are about to get worse. But we are not helpless and the solutions are nothing new, nothing high tech in the least.

Many argue that we should have started conserving more a long, long time ago. They're right.  And we shouldn't have sat around waiting on government to tell us to do it.

One of the great misconceptions about conservatives is that we feel like we should be able to do whatever, whenever, with whatever resources we choose to use and no one should care. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Conservatism, at its very heart, is about conservation; conservation of our liberties, our resources and our lives, but without some jack-booted thug government official hovering over us with a gun. Our liberties are conserved through vigorous defense and preservation. Never let up. We know what we need to do with our natural resources and we should just get with it.

Take this man, Richard Heineken, the mayor of Tank Town. He has the solution, Texoma.

Many in our area are already doing this, but we ALL should be doing it.  But, beware!  We will, eventually, have the EPA and God-only-knows what other fascist government entity, breathing down our necks and trying to impose draconian rules on our ability to collect water.

Watch the video and let's get the comments going. Let's have a discussion. It's well past time we did.