These intersection takeovers are way out of hand.

Not that I have any business judging because I did plenty of wild stuff when I was a younger dude. The difference is that I grew up in the sticks. So, if we decided to get wild and do a little racing, etc., we did it on a country road, not in the middle of the city.

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But it would appear that takeovers and street racing in the big city are here to stay.

The Texas Legislature has passed laws in an attempt to curb street racing. For instance, in 2021 a law was passed that shifted street racing from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class A misdemeanor. The law also gave law enforcement the ability to impound the cars involved in the race.

But you and I both know the people who want to do it are going to regardless of the consequences. The chance of getting caught and suffering the consequences only serves to heighten the thrill for thrill seekers.

Anyway, the biggest difference from when I was a teenager in the late 80s and early 90s is that we didn’t have social media to extend the dopamine hit that we got from racing beyond the heat of the moment. Nowadays daredevils can bask in their glory for eternity on the internet.

The flip side is that when something bad happens, it’s also out there for the world to see.

The latest example of that is an intersection takeover that happened somewhere here in the Lone Star State on Saturday night (February 18). The video that is making the rounds on social media shows a fire burning in the intersection when a truck bursts through it and then makes a hard left turn which spreads the fire across the intersection.

The fire spread so quickly that a guy watching the takeover’s legs went up in flames. He appears to be okay but I’m sure he’s going to be nursing those wounds for a while to come.

And of course, no one on the internet feels the least bit sorry for him.

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