Great, now he made we want to grab a beer.

If you tuned into the Super Bowl last night, you may remember a familiar face. If you attended Midwestern State in the mid-90s, you may have noticed Tommy Day Carey. He graduated from the theatre department in 1995 and is showing off his karaoke skills in a commercial for Michelob Ultra.

He told The Wichitan, he got his karaoke practice back in the day at Toby's singing Radiohead's 'Creep'. “It’s finally nice to do something that will get some notoriety for the years of insanity,” Carey said. “Acting is not for the faint of heart. For every commercial you land, there is probably 200 auditions, callbacks and avails, but you have to see getting that shot as an acknowledgment that you were right for that part, that it means you were in the right place.”

Chris Pratt is probably the most famous person in the commercial, but Carey is the one who starts everything out with his take on the song 'I Like Beer'. I wonder if Carey gets some free beer for doing this ad? If he does, send a case our way man.

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