Don't shoot the messenger, I didn't make the survey.

So this morning I got an email from Wallethub and we share their surveys all the time. The recently did one on the top ten universities in Texas.

1. Rice University6. University of Dallas
2. The University of Texas at Austin7. Southern Methodist University
3. Trinity University8. Austin College
4. Texas A & M University-College Station9. LeTourneau University
5. Southwestern University10. University of Houston

Definitely some surprises on there, you can get more info on how they did their top ten here. However, I also noticed another survey they recently did, the best college towns in the country. My curiosity got the best of me and I checked it out. Wichita Falls, according to Wallet Hub, we suck. Did I expect us to be at the top? No, but I was expecting us to be more in the middle.

According to Wallethub, for a small town, we rank 155 out of a possible 199 small towns. Last place there was actually Miami Gardens, Florida home to Florida Memorial University. But if you take town size out of it, we come in at 319 out of a possible 415 cities. So bottom fifty for the first one and bottom 100 for the second one. Not good. So why do we rank so low?

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We rank 368 for social environment in the country. Fun things to do in the city. Guess it could be a lot worse Wichita Falls. Kendall, Florida is apparently the worst in the country for that. For academic and economic opportunities in the city we rank 376, even worse than our last ranking. As always, could be worse, dead last is Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Here is what I found most interesting, we rank in the top ten in country for wallet friendliness. Coming in at number eight, Wichita Falls is an affordable place to live while you're in college. I would hate to see our ranking if we didn't have that holding us up. We probably would have finished in that bottom ten.

If you want to check out the full survey for best college towns, check it out on Wallethub.

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