Did I spend my morning downloading every single training camp photo I could find? Yes, yes I did.

I know I have told this story before and people really don't believe it is true. I only moved to Wichita Falls because the Dallas Cowboys had their training camp here. That is not a joke, it's a fact. If the Dallas Cowboys had not practiced here, I would have gone to Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches. That campus had everything I wanted in a college.

On my college tour road trip, Wichita Falls was a stop. Went and toured Midwestern State University in the summer of 2006. While walking through the student center, I see pictures of Emmitt, Troy, and Michael. I say, what are these doing here. "Oh the Cowboys practiced here for three seasons back in the day. They played on the fields over there and stayed on the campus."

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Me being the insane Dallas Cowboys fan I am, this was the college for me. By the way, fun fact, the official college of the Dallas Cowboys is now the University of North Texas. They have an official Dallas Cowboys sports marketing class, which I have considered moving just to take by the way.

So with my crazy obsession with the Dallas Cowboys, let's take a look back to that time the Cowboys called Wichita Falls their training camp home. If this never happened, I can promise you would have never seen me in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Dallas Cowboys Photos from Wichita Falls Training Camp

Wichita Falls was once the official training camp home for the Dallas Cowboys for three seasons. Let's take a look back at this time in Dallas Cowboys history.

Photo descriptions provided by Getty Images.

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