Now that flu season is upon us, Governor Abbott is urging Texans to help fight the spread of the flu by getting a flu shot.

Hospitals are already stressed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s more important than ever to do everything in our power to halt the spread of other viruses.

In a public service announcement released yesterday, the governor stressed the need to take extra care to stay healthy:

Flu season is already here, and that means we all need to take extra care to stay healthy. That's why I urge every Texan to go get a flu shot. I got mine today. I can tell you it is the best way to reduce your chances of contracting and spreading the flu. So, protect yourself and loved ones this flu season and get a flu shot today.

According to the CDC, every flu season is different, but millions of people catch the flu every year, with hundreds of thousands of people requiring hospitalization. Unfortunately, thousands to tens of thousands of people die every year from flu-related complications.

Learn more about seasonal flu vaccine at this location.

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