This flu season has been more aggressive than in years past in my opinion. The deaths are starting to add up in our state and right here in Wichita County.

It seems at least once a week we're doing a story on the flu here in Texas. We have the most active cases in the country, schools are shutting down in our state from the flu, and we currently have over 2,000 deaths in our state that are flu-related. Some of those deaths are from right here in Wichita County.

For the first time ever, Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District is releasing a report on flu-related deaths for our area. No children have died in our area as of this report. Twenty-one adults have passed away from a flu-related illness. The report in Times Record News says, eight people died of influenza and 13 of pneumonia which is a complication of the flu. These deaths happened from November of last year through this January.

Guys, if you get sick, please do what you can to get the proper medicine. Don't listen to those crackpot televangelists that say the flu doesn't exist. Please do whatever you can. Try to get the proper amount of rest you need and stay healthy out there.

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