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Want to try some local liquor? Get ready for some Texoma Bourbon. 

Five years ago, Tony and Debbie Moore had a dream to open their own distillery. After a lot of time and money, the Rocking M Ranch and Distillery is almost ready to start selling bourbon. There is an aging process involved, so some patience was definitely involved in this business.

"We were looking for two things when we decided to get into the whiskey business," says Tony. "We wanted something that the economy didn't affect, and we wanted something we could make here and sell it some place else," he continues.

While the bourbon has been aging, the couple has been selling their own brand of moonshine. It's called 'Texas Sipping Shine' and it comes in two flavors: Lemon Drop and Apple Pie.

"Right now, we're from the Metroplex to Amarillo," said Tony. "Our distributors are now actually this week they are in Austin, San Antonio, and the Houston area right now. Within a few months, we'll be all over the state of Texas"

The name of the bourbon is Enoch Sylvester, named after Tony's grandfather. Expect the bourbon to be ready for sale in August of 2016. Our friends over at News Channel 6 got to take a tour of the distillery which you can see in the video above. We can't wait to try some.