These are the stories I thought I would be reading about in 2018 when I was a little kid.

It seemed like 2015 was the year of the hoverboard, as it should have been. 2015 was the year they went to in 'Back to the Future 2'. We reported a lot of hoverboard stories that year, including some exploding or catching fire. Now, unfortunately, we have one of those stories right here in Texoma.

Last Thursday night, Nickie Riley's son came up to her claiming he smelled smoke in the house. The family couldn't find any signs of a fire and firefighters told them it could be an electrical issue if they can't find the fire. Nickie began looking for the source of this smoke smell and found it in one of her closets. Inside a bag was the source of the smell. A hoverboard had caught on fire in there.

The hoverboard had actually melted to the wall. The family is lucky they had fire retardant carpet or this could have been much worse. The thing everyone is trying to figure out right now is how this happened. Hoverboard fires/explosions usually happen when they're charging or in use for long periods of time. The family claims their hoverboard was not charging and hadn't been used in about three weeks. The family says they're trying to get in contact with the company for compensation on damages.

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