The family that cooks together, stays together. That does not mean meth people, then you will just stay in jail together.

This past Friday, neighbors in the Plantation Place Apartments in Arlington were startled to hear an explosion of some sort. Turns out that explosion came from a meth lab in the complex. The mother-daughter cooks were thirty-nine-year-old Nancy Cruz-Rodriguez and eighteen-year-old daughter Odalys Corrales. Something went wrong during their process blowing out the windows of their apartment.

Somehow, no one was injured. An infant was inside the residence at the time, child protective services have taken the child away. No word on what the relation is of the infant to the two meth cooks. Nancy Cruz-Rodriguez has been charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and is being held in Arlington's jail on $25,000 bond. Odalys Corrales is being held in Arlington's jail on a $35,000 bond on the same charge as well as a charge of child endangerment.

Twenty-one pounds of meth was seized at the apartment, also an undisclosed amount of cash was seized.

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