I honestly had no earthly idea this was a thing. Then again, I live in Texas and rarely have to deal with a hard freeze. My guess is that this is common knowledge to people who live up north. 

A reminder posted to Facebook by NBC 15 personality James Parish is thankfully going viral, because who knows how long I would have been oblivious to the fact that it’s bad to let your gas tank drop below the quarter tank mark during a hard freeze.

Apparently, condensation can form in an empty gas tank. The condensation can freeze in your gas lines during subzero temperatures and cause damage to your engine. Of course, we rarely see temperatures below zero in this neck of the woods, but as of this posting, the forecasted low for Monday is –6 degrees (please God, don’t let that happen).

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So, put a little more gas in the tank, protect the pipes in your home and stay out of that mess if at all possible...it’s gonna get brutal out there!

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