The simple dining room  table; according to a new survey it does a lot more than hold our dinner plates.

First off, let me just say that I absolutely love my dining room table. I bought it at one of the resale shops downtown several years ago. The top surface is a beautifully aged slab of walnut complete with a few scuffs and scratches and came with only five chairs. Why not six? One of them didn't survive the tornado that roared through back in 1979. The simple fact that the table survived the tornado makes it special.

Over the 60 or 70 years that my table has been in existence it's been used for many tasks besides serving meals. A recent survey published by SWNS Digital indicates that most of our tables have been doing a lot of double and triple duty lately.

Some of the more popular uses lately include our children's classroom work area now that we're schooling our kids from home. They also get used as impromptu workspaces for us when we take work home, or as has happened with many of us lately, as we do all of our work from home. We set our laptops on them, participate in Zoom meetings while seated at them, and - occasionally - even manage to sit the whole family down to eat at them.

It's estimated that the average dining room table will be the host of more than 1,400 meals and be the site of 450 or more jokes in just one year.

Think about that the next time you're wiping up your child's off the page coloring marks or gathering up your work papers so you can serve dinner.


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