Back in 2003, shortly after his television show debuted on ABC TV, George Lopez made a stop in Wichita Falls.  He appeared on one of our radio stations during a morning show.  It was about 7 am and Lopez looked like he rolled right out of the rack, off the bus (literally-his tour bus took up half our parking lot) and into the studio.

He was not exactly a warm, friendly fellow.  He wasn’t all that engaging but he turned on the charm well enough when the mic went hot.  Somewhere along the way, between then and now, he became less of a funny man and more of an angry man.  By the time “Lopez Tonight” debuted on TBS, he seemed even less funny.

His bitterness, anger, hatred and apparent racism came out in full force on the first of his latest series on HBO.  Saturday night, Lopez had just finished running roughshod over Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney when he suddenly launched into a vitriolic attack against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County (Phoenix) Arizona.

What’s gotten into some people?  Does Lopez support unrestricted borders?  Does he support the federal government’s disregard for its own laws?  Is he mentally ill?  The most striking thing about people like Lopez, who attack and condemn the sheriff’s efforts in Arizona and the efforts of others in Texas and New Mexico to stem the flow of illegals into our country, is that they just don’t seem to have a clue what they are talking about.  And they’re condemnations come out like this.  This the UNEDITED version of Lopez' futile attempt at humor.  Warning: NSFW!


Here is Sheriff Arpaio's response to CBS News