KSWO in Lawton is getting a lot of attention this week after firing one of their employees because of a brain teaser she did Monday morning during the news.

Mandy Bailey was a meteorologist over at KSWO. She was fired after doing a brain teaser that someone found offensive. The brain teaser was of the word THERE, with a noose hanging off the 'T'. If you think about it, the answer is 'Hang in There', since the noose is inside the word there. Someone called KSWO to complain about this.

I do not know if they found this insensitive to suicide or if they found it racist cause they interpreted the noose as lynching. Either way, KSWO agreed with that listener and fired Mandy for her brain teaser. Let me say my opinion on this, in no way do I believe Mandy did anything wrong. I don't think she meant anything by this brain teaser. She wasn't trying to be racist or make fun of being that commit suicide. I think it was a simple brain teaser that a viewer misinterpreted and saw something that wasn't there.

Since KSWO has released their statement on the firing of Mandy, many people have come to her defense. Including several advertisers who say they will no longer be advertising with KSWO due to her firing. KSWO should have said sorry if people found this image offensive, but Mandy didn't deserve to lose her job over this.

Some people are asking for Mandy to be rehired, but would she want to come back? I don't know, I know I wouldn't if you fired me over something like this. I wish Mandy the best in her future career, seemed like a nice person and I think KSWO is losing a good talent.

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