Sorry Lawton, I didn't make the survey.

It seems like the fine folks at 24/7 Wall Street have it out for Lawton, Oklahoma. A few years ago, they did a survey saying that Lawton was the drunkest city in Oklahoma. If that wasn't enough, this week they're saying that Lawton is the least healthy city in the state as well.

Here are their facts to back this up. Oklahoma has the seventh highest adult obesity rate in the country at 32.7%, Lawton actually exceeds the state average at 34.9%. 29.1% of adults in Oklahoma report they are physically inactive, the fifth highest share of all states. In Lawton, 29.9% of adults report they do not have enough time to exercise.

Here are the official number breakdown for Lawton that they used for all states.

Premature death rate: 467.5 (per 100,000 residents)
Adult obesity rate: 34.9%
Uninsured rate: 14.1%
Adult smoking rate: 22.7%

If you were curious as to what the least healthy city in Texas was, that would be Texarkana. You can check out their official breakdown as to why they're the least healthy in Texas below.

Premature death rate: 488.1 (per 100,000 residents)
Adult obesity rate: 33.5%
Uninsured rate: 17.4%
Adult smoking rate: 18.2%

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