Just wanted to thank everyone who has served in the military on this most important of days. Looks like a lot of veterans are living just north of us in Wichita Falls.

A pretty interesting survey I just found on Veteran's Day. Telling you what city in your state currently has the most veterans living in it. Looks like Lawton is the big winner for Oklahoma. Stacker went all out with their research. They actually tell you how many veterans are living in Lawton and they actually break it down by what wars they served in.

Estimated total veterans: 12,146 (18.8% of civilian population)

Gulf War II (Sep '01 or later): 5,062

Gulf War I (Aug '90 - Aug '01): 4,107

Vietnam War: 3,520

Korean War: 721

World War II: 301

If you're curious as to what it was for Texas, that would be Killeen. Their numbers are below.

Estimated total veterans: 25,544 (29.4% of civilian population)

Gulf War II (Sep '01 or later): 15,872

Gulf War I (Aug '90 - Aug '01): 11,495

Vietnam War: 3,710

Korean War: 371

World War II: 236

Once again, thank you to everyone that has served in any branch of the military. We're forever thankful for each and every one of you. Hope you have an amazing day and a great rest of 2018.

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