We've been hearing a lot recently about police dash camera footage. While most of the news about that pertains to shootings and crimes, that's not the only things that get caught on film. A police officer in New Jersey recently captured this amazing footage on his dash cam. It's something that you probably wouldn't believe if you couldn't see it for yourself.

According to Fox 4 News, Patrolman Nicholas Austin was responding to a call in in Howell, New Jersey when he caught this bizarre scene on camera. Austin had been called about a deer that had been hit by an SUV. The deer was alive, but traumatized, and was running back and forth in the road near the vehicle.

As Austin pulled up, the deer ran right at the SUV, hitting it and opening the door. Then the deer tried to jump into the cab of the car. 43-year-old Ellen Sager was still in the driver's seat at the time and struggled to keep the deer off of her lap. She ended up kicking it and getting it out of the vehicle.

The deer then ran away, and was later found to have died as a result of injuries when hit. Sager, though shaken up and with a dented car, only suffered a minor injury to her knee from the scuffle with the deer.