Talk about painful. This man was willing to do just about anything to make sure the cops didn't learn his real name. Too bad it didn't work.

Police in Florida arrested the 20-year-old Kenzo Roberts last week after he was caught driving a stolen Mercedes.

The police didn't have much trouble actually arresting him, other than the fact that he had a fake I.D., so they didn't really know who he was at first.

And Mr. Roberts wanted to keep it that way. While in the back of the cop car, he tried to chew off his own fingertips so that they wouldn't be able to run his fingerprints.

But his little plan didn't work. They were still able to find out who he was, which turned up two felony warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. No wonder he wanted his identity kept a secret. Plus you can add on grand theft auto and giving false identification to law enforcement thanks to his latest traffic stop.

The video itself isn't too graphic, it's just a little creepy. Check it out for yourself above.