Monster Jam took over the coliseum this weekend and we were there for all the fun. 

If you were at Kay Yeager this past weekend, your ears still may be ringing from all the action you saw. I was at the Saturday night show, but Monster Jam was in town for three exciting shows. This was the first time I had experienced Monster Jam since I was a little kid and even as an adult I had a blast.

The always impressive Grave Digger has to make an appearance at a Monster Jam show. Crowds were also excited for a new generation of monster trucks, such as the Ice Cream Man, Backwards Bob and the Elimigator. Crowds were also treated to an ATV race in between Monster Truck events.

Three different events took place for the monster trucks. Race, doughnuts and freestyle. At the night I went, Grave Digger dominated the night. His doughnuts were so insane, I saw the concrete underneath all the dirt. Some 'lucky' fans had the pleasure of getting hit by some of that flying dirt.

During the freestyle competition on Saturday night, Razin Kane underestimated a jump and ended upside down. It was great time from beginning to end. I saw kids and grown adults having a blast. When Monster Jam comes back to Wichita Falls, it is a must-do event for anyone.

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