A Montague County Deputy Sheriff was shot and killed in Nocona early Monday morning (Feb 9). According to NBC 5-Dallas, Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham has confirmed the shooting took place just after midnight last night. 41-year-old Larry Hostetter was pronounced dead at 1:03 AM  at a Nocona hospital.

WFAA TV is reporting this may have been and officer on officer shooting, though officials have yet to confirm this.  According to reports from WFAA:

A Nocona police officer responded to a domestic disturbance call just after midnight Monday morning involving the deputy, identified as 41-year-old Larry Hostetter, on Jordan Drive. Hostetter was not on duty at the time.  The deputy was shot and killed, but it is unclear who pulled the trigger. Sources tell News 8 that Hostetter pulled a gun on the officer, but law enforcement officials have not confirmed that information.

The Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation as of Monday morning. News Talk 1290 has an unconfirmed report that Deputy Hostetter was armed when the Nocona officer arrived at the scene and may have pointed his weapon at the officer after refusing to drop his weapon. We have contacted the Montague County Sheriff's Office and all calls have been referred to Texas Rangers Public Information Officer at the Wichita Falls DPS Office. We have not yet received an official confirmation from that office.

Fox News 4 reporter Saul Garza was abruptly ordered away from the area of the crime scene yesterday by deputy from Wichita County. Deputy Victoria Hatcher is seen in the video below ordering the reporter and camera man to move up the street. According to Wichita County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Melvin Joyner, two deputies were sent to Montague County to assist with traffic control in the area of the shooting.  Joyner says the property owner had in fact asked the deputies to have Garza leave their property.  A media staging area had been set up just up the street and Garza was the only reporter who did not comply with a request to retreat to that area.  Video of that encounter can be seen below.

News Talk 1290 will continue to follow this story and bring you more updates as they become available.

UPDATE: Wichita County Sheriff's Office Responds:

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