Last weekend was quite chaotic in Austin.

Earlier this week, I shared a video of the crowd pushing back against a police officer who was responding to a street takeover. That video shows the crowd advancing toward the patrol car as it backed away from the scene.

And now we have even more videos from the chaos. The latest clip makes it appear that a full-blown riot had broken out.

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As I said in my earlier post, I have no business judging anyone because I raised plenty of hell when I was young. But, I never would’ve thought to gang up and attempt to overpower the police. That’s a line I would not cross.

So, the behavior on display last weekend in Austin is troubling to me.

What if a group of a couple of hundred people just decided to come in and take over your neighborhood one day? Imagine if the group was behaving just like the people in this video, but instead were doing it on the street right in front of your home.

Any sane person would be livid (and probably scared to death).

That’s why it’s important for lawmakers to crack down on those who organize and participate in this sort of thing. And they need to do it sooner rather than later before this type of behavior spreads to a neighborhood near you.

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