A simple business transaction turned into a shooting on Tuesday. 

Thanks to smartphone apps you can now sell your stuff pretty quickly. That is exactly what Martha Teran was trying to do with her daughter's iPhone. Her daughter was using the app OfferUp. Basically, you snap a photo of what you want to sell, someone messages you if they're interested and you meet up to purchase the item.

When you do this kind of deal, you want to be in a nice open, well-lit area. You would think the Medival Times parking lot would be a safe place for a transaction. Three people met Martha at the Medival Times with her daughter. They claimed to be the buyers and shot Martha in front of her daughter. Dallas police are still looking for the three suspects.

Family members said 'the buyers' were trying to meet at a different location for the deal, but Martha did not want to go there. The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with funeral costs.

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