Do you love IKEA? Not as much as these guys. 

Ten teens from Friso got to together for what many would consider to be a weird photo shoot. Homecoming photos are something all teenagers do. Usually just in the parent's house or at the restaurant you eat at before hand. These guys decided to do it in the 'fake rooms' of IKEA. “A few weeks ago when we started planning homecoming, we were trying to find out where to take our pictures, and one of the boys, Hayden Mcfarland, said ‘IKEA’ as a joke, but I was totally onboard with it from the beginning,” the teenager tells Yahoo Lifestyle

Luckily one of the teen's moms is a professional photographer. She lent her talents for the day and snapped the strange photoshoot. After it is all said and done, looks like the photos turned out great. ‘When you are 40, would you rather show your kids pictures at a park or IKEA?’ I say IKEA,” said one of the teens.

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