Just sign the ticket lady and go about your day.

Over in Cashion, Oklahoma, an officer had quite the interesting traffic stop. A woman was pulled over for a traffic violation. Now you know if you have been pulled over, whether you get a warning or a ticket. You have to sign that sheet of paper. This woman apparently refused to sign and then sped off from the officer.

Before driving off the woman gave him a few choice words as well. After a short pursuit, she pulled over again and this time the officer got her out of the car. She did not want to listen and was eventually tased. I do not know 100% sure what she was pulled over for, but the officer mentions she can't be driving around with her vehicle like that.

You see later in the video her rear end is completely smashed in and I don't think she has working taillights. This is just a guess, but yeah, you need taillights to drive folks. If a cop sees that, he is gonna pull you over.

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